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Please visit my Youtube channel to view educational ideas and content - perfect for homeschool families and those who wish to help their child at home.  Relaxing videos to practice mindfulness are also available here.

Tutoring Services
Online Teaching Platforms

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Feel that your child may benefit from extra help outside the classroom? Are you a homeschooled family? Do you know someone who might benefit from online tutoring with a licensed teacher? Have more questions? Feel free to send me an email using the above link. I'll reach out as soon as possible!

'Train of Thought' Blog

Waking up to a full and busy day can be overwhelming, but waking to a cold and drizzly fall morning can make it difficult to get out of bed. On mornings like these, I’d prefer to hit snooze or swat my alarm clock clear off the bedstand rather than face the day. Why do we have to get up in mornings that seem so dreary? Why do beds seem unusually warm and comfortable on cold dark days?  


They were stumbling downstairs.


In search of a warm brew of coffee to sip or juice, my family also emerges from their household dens.  Few words are uttered except a “good morning” or “how’d you sleep?” before we are all deep in thought about the tasks that await us—munching cereal, slurping juice, and tapping keyboards.


The clarity in the fog


We are trapped as fog settles around our home like a billowing fence. We all begin our day and become motivated to focus on mental work. There is a calm that settles around the house on mornings like this. Each person, happily sipping coffee or juice, becomes engrossed in their productive worlds.  Even the cat seems content to groom herself quietly.  


Feeling productive


On mornings like these, one may think there are limitations on productivity.  After all, we are stuck inside, outdoor work - unless donning rain gear- is off the table, and indoor work becomes the day's focal point.  However, remote work, homework, and creative play can gain momentum as the rain pours outside.  Lego towers are assembled, books read, games are played, and essays or paperwork that was once delayed are now being completed. Everyone seems to be in a quiet place of contentedness, doing their tasks.  Peaceful, productive togetherness; is some of the sweetest joys a cold rainy day can offer.  It can all start on a perfectly misty moist morning.  


~Amanda Allison

Thanks for your message!

Interested in tutoring services? Here are the details..

Let me help you or your student learn!  I offer tutoring services online during afterschool and evening hours from 3:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. EST.  Core academics are often best when delivered in a 1:1 or small group setting online via zoom or google meet.  Debate and public speaking skills are often best delivered in a small group setting where skills are acquired and then applied within the group.  Rate: $25 per 30 min. session and $45 per 60 min. session. The first session is free! I hope to help your child learn and grow in confidence! Please reach out to me by email, and we can set up a tutoring plan that is perfect for you or your child!

Licensed Tutors

* Tutoring sessions will run in 8-week cycles.  When sessions are full, this will be updated and noted on the website.  Dates when new sessions are available, will also be noted regularlySubscribe to receive regular updates.

If interested in tutoring services, please email me at 


      About Me


I am a licensed educator with over 18 years of both classroom and online teaching experience. I have an M.Ed. from the University of VT.  Other credentials are available upon request. Fostering life-long learning is my passion!


 Here are some of the tutoring services I offer.

Grades K-6 :    


            Reading skills: phonics, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary development

            Grammar skills

            Writing skills: sentence structure, paragraph form, stories, and essays.

            Math: computation and problem-solving.

            Social Studies: map skills, geography, U.S. history, and economics

             Science: Earth, space, biology, physics, investigation/inquiry, and content.

Middle School: 

Research, note-taking, public speaking, and debate class

Students and adults:

English as a Second Language (ESL certification) for those who would like to learn and speak English.

Hope to see you soon!

~Amanda Allison, M.Ed.



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